Headstones & Memorials from St.Andrews Church, Ashburton.

The original paper based inventory of the Memorial Inscriptions for St.Andrews Churchyard was compiled between 1973 and 1981 and the documents are kept at the Ashburton History Museum, West Street. Additional copies of the summary records (only) are kept in the St.Andrews church and also the Ashburton Information Centre, which are available for consultation by visitors and researchers. The original survey records that are held in the Ashburton History Museum, include the location plans and hand-drawn sketches of the monuments, as at 1973-81. These original survey records are 40plus years old now and unfortunately some of the headstones are now even more unreadable. Further, changes made in the churchyard since 1981, have caused the paper records to become ever more inaccuate and thus this website is now the only uptodate and comprehensive source of a monument's location in the St.Andrews churchyard.

Using this Digitised Inventory of St.Andrews Memorial Inscriptions

The full churchyard is divided into three main sections: The Old Churchyard; the 1884 Section and the 1956 Section. Many burials are known to have been made since the original surveys were undertaken, but details of some the more recent memorials are not yet included on this website.

Each headstone or memorial has a unique cross-reference in its image, photograph and record filename. This filename is formed from Section, Sub-Section and Grid-Ref in the Inventory entry. For example, the image filename 'P001_CCA3.jpg' refers to Grid Ref A3 in Section C (1956 Section) for "Headstone of Cyril William FORD. Date: 28.Dec.1956". Note that there are no sub-sections in the 1956 section and thus the second 'C' in the reference is added for consistency with the other sections that do have sub-sections.

In the 1884 & 'Old Churchyard' areas, the section and sub-section references are as follows:

  1. The Old Churchyard - Section A; sub-sections A-K, e.g. P001_AEA12 (i.e. Section A (Old Churchyard), Sub-Section E, Grid Ref A12) Note:In the Old Section, the monuments aren't laid out in a grid pattern. They are randomly set-out and over time this random pattern has intensified as headstones have been moved in order to facilitate in-fill burials.
  2. The 1884 Section - Section B; Sub-sections A-F, e.g. P001_BDB14 (i.e. Section B(1884), Sub-Section D, Grid Ref B14)


All the records and images are subject to international copyright of the Ashburton History Museum and Ashburton U3A Family History Group to whom all rights are reserved. Reproduction or sale of the images is only permitted with a specific formal written consent for such use, which has been granted to this website.

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