The Collections

This page lists, in summary form, the collections currently available online from The Ashburton Archive and others that will be added in the future.

St.Andrews Churchyard Memorial Inscriptions; Current Content:

(as at 13th February 2017)

1956 Section - All parts covering burials from 1956 - 2015 (updated July 2015).

1884 Section - All parts covering burials from 1884 - 2015.

Note: The 1884 and 1956 Sections of the Churchyard are now complete on this website. No further changes are planned.

Note: The recent photographic surveys (2014 & 2015) of the 1884 and 1956 sections of the churchyard identified that several of the original survey grid references were incorrectly assigned. We have therefore re-aligned the grid-references sequentially along the rows, allowing for blank plots, unmarked graves and/or in-fill burials.

We will update this list as new items are added to the online collection.

Further updates are planned (for 2017) to include sub-sections of the 'Old Section' of the churchyard